Tuesday, November 16, 2010


There is no better Rock band than Grand Funk. None. 'Got This Thing On The Move' is my favorite song in the universe. 'Inside Looking Out' is a fucking awesome song as well (and it was also sampled for KRS ONE's 'Sound Of Da Police' at 3:33). I can't say enough about how much I love their sound.

Grand Funk - Got This Thing On The Move

Grand Funk - Inside Looking Out

KRS-ONE - Sound Of Da Police

Third LP has the sample for Masta Ace's 'Music Man'. This Gatefold is what I stare at when I listen to anything by them. They some BAMF's.

Grand Funk - Nothing Is The Same

Masta Ace - Music Man

Watch this video.--->(Click on this)


  1. FUCK YEAH. "Nothing Is The Same" is a personal favorite.

  2. man, this blog is great! you selected excellent reggae songs, so i checked the other stuff on here.. because of this post, i got mad about grand funk and just found out my dad has all their lp´s :)